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Frogs, fuel, finance or food? Cultures, values, ethics, arguments and justifications in the management of agricultural land // Kultur, verdier, etikk og politikk når matjord forvaltes \\

Work Packages

WP1 Norway

This study aims to explore and analyze the cultural preconditions for maintenance of agricultural land in Norway.
–Three counties with a large proportion of high quality farmland close on the urban-rural fringe will be of particular interest for the Norwegian case study; Østfold,Rogaland and Sør-Trøndelag.
–Textual analysis of key papers, documents, plans and newspaper articles will provide the historical and contextual backdrop.
– Performed by (PhD)  Heidi Vinge, Katrina Rønningen & Karoline Daugstad.
– Masters student: Hilde Habberstad
– Management on WP1 by Katrina Rønningen & Hilde Bjørkhaug


WP1 Australia

  • The Australian component, will explore the social, economic and environmental values that shape contemporary land use and land use conflict. Foremost amongst land use debates and conflicts in Australia include those related to ‘food vs fuel’.
  1. Examine the enrolment of agricultural lands into coal mining, and/or coal seam gas extraction.
– Performed by Carol Richards & Kristen Lyons, University of Queensland, Australia


WP1 Canada

The Canadian component of the study, will investigate the changing nature of land ownership in Western Canada, largely because of the activities of Canadian private equity firms in purchasing vast tracts of farmland, and the concomitant social and economic transformation that is happening among the rural population as their lives are affected by it.
– Performed by Bruce Muirhead, University of Waterloo, Canada


WP2 Land preservation in environmental politics

The issue of land preservation has, until recently, failed to make it to the agenda of environmental politics in Norway.
WP2 will study land preservation from the viewpoint of environmental politics, exploring the relationship between policy-makers, knowledge producers and NGOs.
– Performed by Siri Øyslebø Sørensen
– Management Wp2 by Hilde Bjørkhaug


WP3 The Norwegian pension fund’s investment in agricultural land abroad

  • Norwegian agricultural land is protected by regulation (allodial and concession acts) as well as a culture of protectionism that prohibits financial speculation of farm land.
  • Parallel to the introspective, protectionist policy for Norwegian food production, Norway is also investing in agriculture abroad through one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, the Norwegian Pension Fund – Global
  •  Wp3 will explore and analyze values, arguments and justifications leading up to management of these investments:
  1. Internshiprapport, Caroline Yallappa, Food Security in the Mauritian Case:
  2. An Analysis of Land Grabbing in Madagascar and Mozambique
  3. Internship og Masteroppgave Mianda Malambi – landgrab, genderperspective, Zambia
  4. Outreach: Norway, Kenya, Great Brittain; Financialisation and Land Acquisitions in Developing Countries: Discourses of Power and Resistance
– Performed by Jostein Brobakk, Hilde Bjørkhaug & Katrina Rønningen.
– Masters student and internship: Miyanda Malambo
– Management Wp3 by Hilde Bjørkhaug


WP4 Ethical valuation in agricultural land governance

  • Some urgent ethical challenges relate to the governance of natural resources, particularly in view of global justice.
  • … who should govern resources like water and soil?:
  1. Is ‘land grabbing’ morally legitimate?
  2. What kind of justice ought to be preferred?
  3. Should all countries rich in arable land provide food according to some distributive and global principle of justice, or should they act from a primary responsibility to their own inhabitants?
– Performed by May Thorseth & Siri Granum Carson
– Management WP4 by May Thorseth


WP5 Frogs, fuel, finance and food in new global land use

  • Research on the political, ecological and ethical debates concerning land use for feeding the world, providing alternative energy, and sustaining global eco-systems.
  • The frogs, fuel, finance and food theme is central to balancing these priorities:
  1. Focus: Global institutions: FAO/World Bank
  2. Fieldwork FAO Committee on World Food Security regarding the land question, and agricultural investments.
– Performed by Phillip McMichael
– Management WP5 by Phillip McMichael, University of Cornell, USA


WP6 Integrated analysis

  • Situational analysis: Workshop 2013
  • Seminar/dialoge
– Performed by FORFOOD team
– Management by Hilde Bjørkhaug


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